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What is trust?

Believe in hope!
But when our human logic hits a high, thick, impenetrable wall of hardships and the future looks bleak and bleak, faith finds a way, and light shines. When it is important to believe in hope!

It is very much when people go against them. They are frustrated, discouraged and deteriorated. They think and speak in this spirit and are a burden to themselves and their fellow men.

Paul and many with him had a soul of faith, and in this spirit he spoke to edit, encourage and comfort the words. When Paul was a prisoner in Rome, he inspired the Philippians to always rejoice in the Lord.

The more active Satan we are in serving God, the more active Satan is in trying to make us weak and hinder the Lord’s actions with joy. He comes on the day of calamity and darkens everything for us. But the hope that shines through a living faith cannot be darkened. Faith considers the day of calamity as the day of success, because it becomes the day of salvation.

Until faith has achieved a strong place in our lives, we retreat from our deceptive feelings due to unrest and anxiety, and it is difficult for us to believe in hope. Sometimes things look bright, then suddenly everything looks dark again. However, if we get frustrated and frustrated, then Satan wins the battle
When it comes to almost all the battles and wars related to the Christian life, it is an internal battle that a sinful thought inspires you. The spirit and flesh of God are at odds. When you have decided to only…
, “Because God has not given us a sense of fear, but of strength and love and a solid mind.” 2 Timothy 1: 7. “My heart is good, like medicine, but a broken soul dries up bones.” “Proverbs 17:22.

Faith “It’s Possible!”
When human reasoning says, “It is impossible!” Faith says, “It is possible!” Faith is a belief in God who loves us and does everything. His name is Wonderful, and he wonders. Even if a mother forgets her child, he cannot forget us. (Isaiah 49:15)

It is impossible to please God without faith, but through faith we find Him, and we become His close friends, whose prayers are answered and helped in the day of need. When we want our prayers to be answered promptly, we must rest in the knowledge that He is perfect in wisdom, goodness and love, and that He is working at the right time for our eternal purpose. Our children in every single situation. That is the hope we want to believe!

Laziness and apathy are foreign to faith. We must fight with confidence against everything we want to prevent from achieving the hope that we have come to enjoy. He answers our prayers according to the need and longing in our heart. If we believe, we will also see and experience the glory of God.


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