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Friendship in the bible

You really like this person of the opposite sex, and you are sure the feeling is mutual. After all, you text each other all the time, you attend gatherings. . . , And some of the messages you have received from this person are downright confusing.

So you want to ask where the relationship is going, just to make sure that both of you are on the same page. answer? “I just see you as a friend – more enjoyable.”

“I was so angry at him and myself! We were addressing each other every day, and he showed a genuine interest in me. Naturally, I developed feelings for him. ”—Jasmin.

“This girl and I were peons for another couple. At times it felt like we are double-dating. We both talked a lot, and then we started talking a lot. It was hard to take when she told me that she only sees me as a friend and when I found out that she was seeing someone else together. “—Richard

“Every day a guy was addressing me, and many times we were both ‘flirty’. But when I told him about my feelings for him, he laughed and he said, ‘I don’t want to date anyone right now ! ‘ I cried. For a long time.

Bottom Line: When you feel that you have a special bond with someone and then discover that the romance is one-sided, it is natural for you to feel angry, embarrassed and even betrayed. A young man named Steven says, “I was devastated when this happened, and it really hurts my feelings.” “It was some time before I could trust anyone else.”
Why does this happen?

Texting and social media make it easy for you to develop an emotional attachment to someone who is not really interested in you. Consider what some youth say.

“Someone can text you just to kill time, but you can take it as a sign of interest. And if he texts you every day, you mistakenly feel that you are truly special to him. “

“One person may actually be interested in romance, while the other just wants someone to talk to her, someone convinces her.”

“A simple A Good Night ‘text message can be read as romantic, but it can be sent with all the’ tender ‘feelings of a courier.”

“A smiley face means either ‘I’m good’ or ‘I’m flirting.” Sometimes the person receiving the message believes that it is tampering. “- Alicia

Bottom line: Ignore the mistake for affection.

easier said than done? Yes! The Bible says: “The heart is treacherous and desperate more than anything.” (Jeremiah 17: 9) It can create for you a ‘sand-palace romance’ that washes away the moment you realize Is that it only exists in you. imagination.
What you can do

Be objective Take a step back and analyze the relationship. Ask yourself, do I have solid reasons to think that this person is treating me differently from others? ‘

Be sensible Of all the signs that you think you may exceed friends, pay special attention to those signs that make you second guess. Do not assume that just because you feel a certain way about someone, the feeling is mutual.

Be patient Do not invest more in a relationship than you might lose until the person clearly states that he wants to know you in a romantic way.

be honest. The Bible says that “it is time to speak.” (Ecclesiastes 3: 7) If you want to know if someone considers you more than just a friend, talk to the person. A woman named Valerie says, “If the feelings are not mutual, it is better than realizing that now it is better than being hurt that this person was not interested at first.”

Bottom line: “Protect your heart”, says Proverbs 4:23. If you feel attracted towards someone, find out if that person is attracted to you. Allow romantic feelings for t


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