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God dispatches His messengers daily

David said to Abigail, Praise the Lord, the God of Israel, who sent me to meet you today. You can be blessed for your good decision. I Samuel 25: 32-33

God sends his messengers daily. You can expect a regular word from the Lord through others. They may represent their messengers of much-needed encouragement, or they may engage you with a regiment of reprimand. Whether it sends its messengers with a positive or negative word, it is important that you consent with their instruction. Your feelings can take you in one direction, because you have been treated unfairly, even with gross indiscipline. But the angel of God is motivating you to take the more appropriate path to understand and forgive. Just because injustice has happened to you, does not mean that you are doing wrong. Anyone can do this; It does not counteract the strength of the character.

God is in control. Therefore leave your criminals in his hands. Please tell that Prabhu made a deal with them in their timing. The angel of God will be telling you to wait. This opportunity does not deserve your approval to stare at you. Your pride and ego have nominated you for the task, but you know in your heart that it is not wise to do it. Listen to the angel of God and avoid one year of regret. Money and status are not worth risking your marriage and your health. There will be other opportunities, much better that fit into the next season of your life. It is easy to ignore, deny, or argue with the angel of God, but think twice before arguing with the representative of the deity. They are the ambassadors of heaven, who deliver you to the earth. He has things under control and he wishes for your life.

Many times, the angel of God comes in the form of a friend, who knows you all very well and has seen your destructive patterns over the years. He has your interests in mind. They wish that you learn from your mindless decisions of the future and keep on flourishing in the future. They are taking risks with their friendship because they care. If they had been serving themselves, they would have been silent. Therefore, listen to God speak through your friend, especially when it is not what you want to hear. He speaks often, even through your spouse. They love you, and yes they can be fearful and insecure, but that’s because they don’t want you to remember God very well.

Do not let ego and pride blind you from your warnings and concerns. They cannot understand all and external things of business, but they understand the sign of the Holy Spirit. This is a level of conscience that God has wisely given them as your gift. Make sure you get it and use it well.

Finally, reward the messengers of God. It is behavior that deserves recognition and praise. You reward the behavior that you want again and again, and you rebuke or ignore the behavior you want to stop. Do more than you say. Instead, make a big agreement on your determination to deliver the truth. Instead of blowing the angel of good will, invite them into your sphere of influence. Promote those who persist in pitching facts. The messengers of God can be trusted as they take the news from your heavenly father. Therefore, take their words seriously, and act accordingly. Listen actively to the messengers of God, and in turn, become one.

The Bible says, “He who hears life-giving rebuke will be at home among the wise” (Proverbs 15:31).


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