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Why Should I Apologize?

What would you do in the following scenario? Your teacher scolds you for misbehaving during class. Should you apologize to your teacher – even if you think he was thinking too long? A friend finds that you have made derogatory remarks about him. Should you apologize to your friend – even if you believe your comment was appropriate? You lose your cool with your dad and talk to him. Should you apologize to your father – even if you think he has instigated you? The answer to all three questions is yes. But why say “I’m sorry,” even if you think you’re not completely wrong?

why apologize?

How to say “I’m sorry”

What does your partner say

why apologize?

Apologies indicate maturity. When you take responsibility for something you have said or done, you indicate that you are developing the necessary qualities that you will need in adulthood.

“Humility and patience can help us apologize and then listen to what the other person has to say.” – Rachel

You can amend by apologizing. People who say “I’m sorry” state that they are more concerned about making peace than proving themselves right and proving the other person wrong.

“Even if you don’t think you are at fault, making peace should be a priority. It won’t cost anything to say ‘I’m sorry,’ but it can restore a friendship. “- Mary

Apologizing helps you feel better. One has to bear a heavy burden to hurt someone by word or action. Once you apologize, however, that burden is lifted from your shoulders. *

“There were times when I talked to my mother or father caress. I felt bad, but I had a hard time apologizing. When I did, however, I always felt better because it restored peace in the family. – Nia.

A teenage boy carries a very large rock on his back.

Regret is like a heavy burden; Once you apologize, you won’t have to take it

Does it try to apologize? Yes! Dena, a young woman who has had to apologize more than once for being rude to her mother, admits: “It is not easy to say that. Excuse me. ’It seems that there is a lump in my throat and no words can come out. ! “
How to say “I’m sorry”

If possible, apologize in person. Face-to-face forgiveness allows the other person to see the reality of your regret. Text forgiveness can, by comparison, fall flat. Even with emoji with sad faces, they can look impersonal and brash.

Tip: If you cannot apologize in person, consider calling the phone or writing a card. Whichever method you choose, plan your words carefully.

Bible Principle: “The heart of the righteous meditates before answering.” – Proverbs 15:28.

Apologize soon. The longer an issue remains unresolved, the more serious the wrong will seem and the more strange things will be between you and the person you hurt.

Tip: Set a goal — for example, Set I will apologize today. ‘Determine which time frame is most practical; So keep your resolve.

Bible Principle: “Resolve Matters.” – Matthew 5:25.

Please apologize sincerely. Saying “I’m sorry you feel like this” is not an apology! A young woman named Janley says, “The person who has been wronged usually respects you if he sees that you take full responsibility for what you did.”

Tip: Make forgiveness unconditional. In fact, “If you apologize for this part, I apologize for my part of the problem.”

Bible Principle: “Let us pursue what is working for peace.” – Romans 14:19.


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